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ADR8 team is committed to provide an excellent multimodal service exceeding clients’ expectations

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Our approach in Multimodal Logistics

Most efficient solution

We always offer our clients the best Multimodal Logistics solution based upon all available options – type of containers or equipment, SOC/COC, routes and modes, possible infrastructure challenges. We ensure you in numbers that your logistic task to be completed successfully and timely

Responsive management

Shipment operation management is always a sensitive point for all Clients. Our managers are available almost 24/7 for troubleshooting process. We strictly follow track and trace process and always know an actual status of your shipment


We are always acting on behalf and for our clients. We apply maximum of our flexibility to streamline issues in the most fast and effective way

Safety of cargo

ADR8 is strictly committed to provide safety of any kind during multimodal projects. We operate with robust contractors only having years of successful cooperation with us. We can provide extra insurance upon Client’s request to guarantee an ultimate safety of cargo

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Greener, Cleaner Transportation

Multimodal Logistics solutions can move one ton of freight using less fuel and emitting less CO2 than trucks. ADR8 team is strongly committed to search for shipping alternatives that help to protect the environment and simplify transportation

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