ADR8 project logistics

Heavy and oversized loads, infrastructure bottlenecks, tons of permits, specific custom clearance and safety and environmental issues make project logistics (PL) the most challenging and full of difficulties

PL major highlights

PL mostly driven by schedule and risks than costs require specific knowledge and skills from project management team. Our engineering expertise, chartering solutions, risk assessment and project management expertise will guarantee that your project is to be completed in a safe and smooth way


We pre-appraise risks, calculations, capacities and make preliminary offer to our client with no commitment at that stage.

Accuracy of terms and budget is around 50% at the early stage

Set up

Once we get a list of shipments, packing and detailed project schedule we start developing solutions at each section (trucks, sea/rail/heavy lift solutions, charters etc) and after this we get back to our client with crystal clarity how to perform it.

The dedicated important section is RISKS with a detailed mitigation actions to set up Client’s expectations


Here we implement PL solutions based on “max reliability” principle. We build robust communication bridges between all participants forecasting next operation steps and minimizing project risks.

One of the prime PL team’s goal is to set up right expectations for all parties and predict difficulties during entire project lifecycle

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